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Things they should tell girls in Sex Ed Class



1. Birth Control should really be called “Period Regulator”. Explain the cycles and how it works. I was under the impression it was a “magic no baby pill”. explain potential side effects and the fact that many people use it for hormone regulation

2. Vaginal discharge. seriously. give a girl some…

Stop splitting up girls and boys for sex ed. I thought penises were hollow until I was 13 and had no idea what one looked like until I was face to face with one.



imagine if china, while they’re up on the moon, decides to knock down the US flag or whatever just to say ‘screw you’ and its like, what are we gonna do? spend a couple million just to fly some craft up to the moon and re-erect the flag? the whole scenario would be petty and that’s hilarious 

i have lived in america my entire life and i am 100% sure we would do exactly that

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Why is it that evil villains always find poison to inject into their victims like just literally fill the syringe with air and just stick the needle between their toes or something. It’ll mimic a heart attack and the victim will die pretty quick and NO ONE WILL ASK MANY QUESTIONS BECAUSE IT’LL LOOK LIKE A HEART ATTACK

first of all how do you know this information i feel like the government doesnt want you to know that


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